“I am JA”

We Want Your JA Story

Each year, JA impacts thousands of students as well as educators, volunteers, and investors. With your help we will be able to tell the personal stories behind JA’s impact and how participation in JA programs really helps to change lives. If you have been involved with Junior Achievement in any capacity, as a teacher, a volunteer, a board member, a student, or a donor–then we want to hear from you to know how JA programs have impacted your life. We hope that you will participate in our 7 question survey to share your own story with us. Tell us about your involvement in JA and how it’s influenced your life decisions, and let us know if you’d like to get involved helping bring JA programs to a new generation of students! Contact Callie Archer at (865) 457-2461 or email callie@jaeasttennessee.org.

Hoppy I am JA

Hoppy Merryman “I am JA!”