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JA BizTown Businesses and Job Descriptions

Fun Facts About JA BizTown

Do we get to keep the stuff we buy JA BizTown?
Yes! Anything the businesses make and have for sale is yours to keep when you
buy it using the money you earn with your Town paycheck!

Do you need real money at JA BizTown? 
No. Only the JA BizTown money you earn is accepted at the businesses in JA BizTown.

Do I need to bring a drink with my lunch?
No. You can buy a drink in the restaurants with your JA BizTown money on your lunch break.

How many breaks do I get during the day?
Two. On the first break, you’ll need to go to the bank to deposit your
paycheck and then go eat your lunch. If you have time left, you can shop at any of the businesses in JA BizTown. On the second break, you can go shopping!

What time is my break? 
You will have to wait until you arrive at the Town and listen to all JA staff’s announcements. They will tell you throughout the day when your break begins and ends. 

When can I go to the bank to deposit my paycheck?
Only on your break. Remember: going to the bank, eating lunch, and shopping are all considered personal business. You can only take care of personal business on your break!

Are there phones in JA BizTown businesses?
No way! You’ll be WAY too busy to talk on the phone!  Town
business is all conducted in person.

What kind of music will the Radio Station play?
It will be up to the DJ in the Radio Station to decide. But they can pick from all kinds of music available.  A song list book will be posted at the station for all citizen’s to read and submit song requests.