JA BizTown® Summer Venture Camp

Super summer camp experience

JA BizTown Summer Venture is a five day indoor academic camp highlighting the JA BizTown facility!

2017 Dates:  June 19-23, 2017 

Registration for 2017 Summer Venture is closed, please check back again throughout the year for more info regarding upcoming camps!

Daily Schedule:

9:00 – 9:30: Drop Off

9:30 ~ 11:30: Preparation Activities

~11:30 – 12:00: Lunch

12:00 – 3:00: BizTown Activities

3:00 – 3:30: Pick Up

Friday: Family and Friends Reception @ 2:00 – 3:00

Camp Overview


Campers begin JA BizTown Summer Venture Camp by taking a look at what is important in a community. They identify leadership positions important in every community and pick a position they are interested in holding. In the afternoon, campers explore jobs around JA BizTown and participate in group interviews.

  • Design a blueprint of their ideal city and the leadership needed
  • Selects a leadership position and journals about why they would want that position
  • Complete job research and interview for the job
  • They will play a Bingo game, do a scavenger hunt, and things of this nature

Presenting their ideal community.


You are hired! Campers receiving their job descriptions.

Campers create a business plan, establishing rules and responsibilities for workers in their business, a budget, their financial obligations, and identify what they need and where they will get it. They work in their businesses to get ready for customers, learning about their products, setting their prices, and learning about jobs in their business.

  • Explore decisions positive & negative faced by businesses
  • Participate in trading games
  • Learn about trading
  • Produce a written plan for their business
  • Candy game; learn about donations, etc…


Campers focus on personal financial literacy, exploring how to manage their

Shopping at JA BizTown!

money using savings and checking accounts, tracking their JA BizTown spending using account registers. They continue to explore JA BizTown, running their businesses and taking breaks to spend their earnings.

  • Explore how to manage their money using both savings and checking accounts
  • Learn how to use a checking account register
  • Earn an income and spend their income in the businesses on their shopping breaks on items they get to keep and take home
  • Learning games & activities throughout the day

    DJ at JA Radio Station!


Now that campers understand what their businesses do, they take it to the next

Presenting their business plan.

level, and imagining what their businesses could do in the future. Still assigned to the same business, students create a business plan, focusing on the four entrepreneurial characteristics: fill a need, know your customer and product, be creative and innovative, and believe in yourself. Later in the day, campers will present the sales results of their JA BizTown business in a closing Town Meeting.

  • Using their current business plan they will explore future innovations for another business
  • Apply the entrepreneurial spirit in the current and the creation of a new business
  • Learning games & activities throughout the day


Campers wrap up the week by creating logos, product mock-ups (or service descriptions), and a marketing plan for their new future business. They present their business of the future in a town meeting, describing the product or service, potential customers, budget, and marketing plan. They also share what they will do with their profits, focusing on philanthropic ventures. Campers receive certificates of achievement for their week of work and fun.

Presenting their latest product invention.

  • Create services and products for their businesses with drawings, logos, and marketing plans
  • Identify ways that the profits from their company can give back to the community that they live in
  •  Learning games & activities throughout the day
  • Food drive and donations will be taken all week for a local food pantry. 


Announcing the winner of the raffle drawing.

Enjoying their day at camp!

For More Information

Please call Junior Achievement at (865) 457-2461 or email wil@jaeasttennessee.org. Thank you!