JA BizTown® Volunteers


Becoming a JA BizTown Volunteer

If you are a parent with a child who is participating in the JA BizTown experience at school, please contact your child’s teacher for details on how you can be a volunteer for your child’s JA BizTown simulation.

Parents can click this link to register as a BizTown volunteer!

If you are not a parent of a child participating in the JA BizTown experience, but would like to know more about how you can get involved please call (865) 457-2461 to learn more.

What is the Commitment?

Your commitment would be to arrive at JA BizTown for a 1 hour training 1 hour prior to the school’s arrival time on the morning of the visit and remaining at JA BizTown for an additional 4 1/2 hours for the  simulation.

If you are a parent volunteer, you will be contacted by a teacher from your child’s school regarding the details for your school’s visit.

Volunteer Facilitator’s Role and Responsibilities

  • Provide guidance and assistance to students.
  • Facilitate student business meetings.
  • Monitor student and business progress.
  • Watch for encourageable and teachable moments.
  • Questions or concerns should be directed to a JA BizTown Staff Member.

How to Prepare for Your JA BizTown Visit:

  • Bring a sack lunch for the day. There is a Kuerig Coffee lounge onsite available to volunteers, as well as bottled water. Volunteers are responsible for bringing any other drinks or snacks they want or need.
  • If your child is participating in the simulation, please provide them with a sack lunch for the day.
  • Dress casually and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Arrive 1 hour prior to school’s arrival time for training. (Please call (865) 457-2461 to verify your Volunteer Training arrival time).

What to Expect/Volunteer Resources

  • JA USA Volunteer Training Videos- The following series of three videos provides volunteers an overview of the JA BizTown simulation day and student learning goals. Each video focuses on specific elements of the day and provides a model of how to get the day started, how to manage the tasks happening in your assigned business and how to support students.

This ten-minute video focuses on how volunteers engage with students during business start-up, including an essential “to-do list” and examples of ways to help effectively direct student activity.  

JA BizTown Training: Segment One

This six-minute video focuses on the central portion of the day, illustrating the timeline for student workflow, break schedules, visits to the JA BizTown bank, and business meetings.

JA BizTown Training: Segment Two

The final video in this series (six minutes in length) focuses on the last part of the simulation visit, from the final student shopping opportunity to business clean up and dismissal.

JA BizTown Training: Segment Three

Tell us what you think

Program Content and Instruction Survey — JA wants to know what you think. We encourage you to participate in a survey about your volunteer experience. It only takes 10 minutes to complete. The results assist with the assessment of program content, implementation and impact. Your responses are anonymous.

JA BizTown Volunteer Post-Simulation Survey (Provided onsite for you to complete and turn in or mail to a JA Staff member.)


JA BizTown Facility Location

Questions? Contact (865) 457-2461 or Email: JA BizTown.