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At no time in recent history has the need for financial literacy and economic education been more evident. With the media constantly relaying stories of home foreclosures and businesses folding, we are quickly reminded of the risks of poor personal financial management. These issues touch people of all walks of life, but leave the financially uneducated the most vulnerable. Junior Achievement continues to be at the forefront of the fight for financial literacy. With over 40 years of experience in the East Tennessee community, JA provided economic education for students of all economic levels through partnerships with educators and volunteers. The proven result of JA Programs is youth who have an increased understanding of our economic system—including the current financial crisis—and how to avoid making similar mistakes in the future. JA of East Tennessee’s goal is to reach as many students possibly with our relevant economic education programs. We believe as a community, we can start inspiring tomorrow’s leaders to make successful choices today!

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Economic Education Programs

Junior Achievement’s secondary education programs provide practical economic and career education to students in grades six through twelve. A business volunteer from the community teaches the class using a course outline and support materials provided by JA. The volunteer leads the class in thought provoking discussion and group activities that actively illustrate the material.

All JA programs are designed to support the skills and competencies identified by the  State Learning Standards and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. These programs also augment school-based, work-based, and connecting activities for communities with school-to-work initiatives.

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 Elementary:  K- 5th Grades

(Five 30-45 minute lessons)

▲    JA Ourselves® (K) introduces the economic roles of individuals, teamwork, and the importance of saving through storybook characters presented by the volunteer in read-aloud and hands –on activities.

▲    JA Our Families® (1st) introduces students to the intersection of entrepreneurship and the first-grade social studies learning objectives, including how family members’ jobs and businesses contribute to the well-being of the family.

▲    JA Our Community® (2nd) is designed to provide practical information about businesses and the many occupations in those businesses in a day

▲    JA Our City® (3rd) introduces students to the intersection of financial literacy and third-grade social studies learning objectives, including the characteristics of cities and how people and businesses in cities manage their money.

▲    JA Our Region® (4th) introduces students to entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs use resources to produce goods and services in a community.

▲    JA Our Nation ®(5th) provides practical information about businesses’ needs for individuals who can meet the demands of the job market, including high-growth, high –demand jobs.  It introduces the concept of globalization of business and the need for students to be entrepreneurial in their thinking.

 Middle School: 6th – 8th Grades

(Six 45 minute lessons)

▲    JA It’s My Future® provides practical information about preparing for the working world while still in middle school.

▲    JA Economics for Success® provides practical information about personal finance and the importance of identifying education and career goals based on a student’s skills, interests, and values.

▲    JA Global Marketplace® provides practical information about the global economy and its effect on students’ lives.  Students explore six key aspects of the global economy.

 High School: 9th – 12th Grades

(Five – Seven 45 minute lessons)

▲    JA Career Success® equips students with the tools and skills required to earn and keep a job in high-growth career industries.

▲    JA Exploring Economics® fosters lifelong skills and knowledge about how an economy works, including micro-, macro-, personal and international economics.

▲    JA Titan® introduces critical business management decisions through an interactive web-based simulation.

▲    JA Be Entrepreneurial® challenges students to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school by developing the essential components of a business plan.

▲    JA Personal Finance ®focuses on:  earning money; spending money wisely through budgeting; saving and investing money; using credit cautiously; and protecting one’s personal finances.

After School: 3rd – 12th Grades

(Six – Twelve 45 minute lessons)

▲    JA More Than Money® (3rd – 5th) offers activities focused on earning, saving, and spending money.

▲    JA It’s My Business® (6th – 8th) offers activities designed to explore entrepreneurial skills.

▲    JA Company Program® (9th – 12th) focuses on analyzing and exploring personal opportunities and responsibilities within a company and guides the group through the life cycle of their own company.