Job Shadow

Would you rather tell students about the workplace or show them?

We introduce students to careers through one-day, on-site orientations or through more extensive internships. Either way, it’s an authentic work-world experience for the students…enhanced with classroom preparatory and follow-up activities.

JA Job Shadow takes students into the workplace to learn about careers.

“Why do I have to learn this?!” 

Students across the country and around East Tennessee searched for the answer to this age-old question. Job Shadowing provides middle grade and high school students with an up-close look at the world of work by giving them the opportunity to “shadow” workplace mentors as they go through a normal day on the job. Students see the practical applications of classroom lessons carried out by professionals and can connect the importance of school work to their future dreams and aspirations.

If you are a teacher interested in having your students participate in this program or your are a business professional and you would like to host a group of students to shadow at your company please contact Maria Ryan at or 865-457-2461.